But they have never been pro-second Amendment or pro Liberty. The ATFs Firearms Transaction Record, aka theForm 4473, that you have to fill out if you buy a gun asks: 11.e. All rights reserved. Identity theft sucks ass, and waking up with a $2k hole in your bank account because someone you don't know used your info to . Dont worry folks, you dont gotta partake in drugs to get busted for drugs and lose your guns! Enforcement chief for the Liquor and Cannabis Control Board, Justin Nordhorn, states, Door security staff read so many IDs during the course of their shift, they can fall prey to complacency.. We see how well this ammuntion back ground check is working, with 20% being wrongly banned from purchase. Cannabis is legal per state law, but still illegal per federal law (as noted in the article above). And Im very comfortable saying this because I know American and world history so very well. But they have never supported the 1st amendment. In 2021, sales reached $1.38 billion, doubling the total from 2020. Hey just curious to why rec dispensaries scan IDs. https://idscan.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/illinois-canabis-regulations.jpg, https://idscan.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/IDScan.net-Logo-300x137.png, Illinois Cannabis Dispensaries - ID Scanning & PII Retention Laws. Also back in the 1970s they said legal Marijuana would be a great tax revenue source for the government.. He thought it would help. Possession of personal amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized in Illinois for all practical purposes, now that you can legally buy it from state-licensed dispensaries. For this reason, dispensaries must have a way to track how much they are selling. However, purchasing with cash is obviously not a possibility when ordering weed online. A local Quad cities gentlemen was complaining to the local news station. Everything you need to know about politicians. There is nothing in CA law that requires you to be a CA resident or have a CA ID in order to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation; the same goes for purchasing cannabis from a dispensary. This is purely for their safety and yours. dont delude yourself. I have never broke the law except one spreading ticket. Though they dont often make the news, we hear from dispensaries daily about fines as high as $150,000 for allowing minors access to age-restricted sections of the store, or allowing cannabis purchase. He commented that as a result of those taxes it would be cheaper to get product from his Connection.. Most states limit the amount of cannabis a customer can purchase per visit, and it can get complicated. I buy a lot of guns. . A responsible person would simply choose between getting high and operating a firearm. Therefore, dispensaries have an incentive to detect fake IDs. The purchases limits are as follows: The use of information obtained from a drivers license is regulated in the state. However, decriminalization only complicates the issue surrounding guns when it comes to federal firearm licensees like us. Their poison will always find a way of polluting Humankind. There is no record of the names of purchasers in California except as could be gleaned (via a search warrant or subpoena) from bank records, and even that is not enough to prove the use or possession of an illegal substance, since you could be buying for someone else. Dispensaries will be required to use electronic readers to scan and verify the validity of the consumer's government-issued identification, which must prove the consumer is at least 21 years. The object of torture is torture. all believe in magic as well as this goes back many generations, to a time where you were FORCED to believe this magic, or you would die a very painful death instead. I dont smoke pot and probably never will, but this is just another reason not to ever, ever register your guns. It did not help. So, let me get this straight. If they claim they have to scan it, I explain to them why they don't. If they still insist, they don't get my business. Cannabis is still a federally illegal, Schedule I drug. when your FOID card expires and you try to renew it.. I was told to get the medical card to purchase pot 2 years ago by my doctor. This article was originally published at maxonshooters.com and is reprinted here with permission. COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM. Im sol High! Anytime it comes to sensitive information, and you should always keep your wits about you.Let us face it; we live in a world that isnt always fair and or straight forward. along their idea of with social justice and criminal justice reform.. And atheists seem more concerned with the 1st amendment (cross burning) than the 2nd amendment (arms). What pure power means you will understand presently. However when you say As I said before as long as we can shoot drug users dead when they rob, rape, beak into our homes and businesses that is a great freedom to celebrate., well you already have the right to use lethal force in cases where the person presents a clear and credible threat of causing death or great bodily harm so all of these instances are already covered regardless of if the person is a drug user or not. Just like tracking daily maximums, preventing looping (ie. A legal firearms owner with a CCL is worried that his/her 2nd amendment rights might be violated if he/she uses marijuana, a known hallucinogen? However, decriminalization only complicates the issue surrounding guns when it comes to federal firearm licensees like us. That is only if you agree to have your data stored. to print badges with appropriate information after an ID is scanned. Was told by friend. In fact the bad guy shot dead by a good guy with a gun in a texas church, that bad guy was a drug addict. As a result, more and more states have started to legalize marijuana, creating a new industry of weed dispensaries. At schools, hospitals and even cruise ships, you'll. The object of persecution is persecution. Even . I always thought it was a dumb and stupid thing to say that you or anyone dreams of a day when gay married couples could use machine guns to protect their legal pot farms.. If you are checking out a new place, just show ID and be sure to let them know if you want a profile for your next visit, whether they ask or not. Always trust your gut. http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs5.asp. ID scanning allows dispensaries to not only verify the age of their customers, but also to keep track daily purchase limits while enhancing customer experience, which is why dispensaries should scan IDs. 35 years back when I smoked, at no time did I ever pull the lever for a scummy Democrat . My card expired in May and I did not have it renewed. Especially if theres a legal away to avoid doing so. PR. AND theyre violent as he!! Not all recreational dispensaries scan your personal information. Slick, huh? The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act states, " [a dispensary must] verify the validity of the government-issued identification card by use of an electronic reader or electronic scanning device to scan a purchaser's government-issued identification, if applicable, to determine the purchaser's age and the validity of the identification." 410 ILCS The footage of these cameras are rarely watched unless needed for example a robbery or some crime around the facility this isnt only at pot shops it is everywhere anywhere you go there is bound to be a camera and most of them for those just in case basis, allowing authorities to look back on. Dispensaries are also required to delete customer data within a specific timeframe, usually within 24 hours of the transaction. It turned out to be sugar flakes from a Krispy Kreme glazed donut the guy had been eating. But at the same time its using it as a way to jackboot guns from people who nobody previously cared about or viewed as any danger to anyone. I dont even know where to start. So the State of CA openly encourages marijuana because its a new tax revenue stream. Marijuana and Firearms Owner ID Cards in Illinois What You Need http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs5.asp, Free Leupold Performance EyewearIf You Can Find It, Vortex Announces the New Razor HD Gen III 1-1024 Rifle Scope, Outgoing Mayor Lori Lightfoot Develops Selective Amnesia About Chicagos Violent Crime Problem Under Her Failed Administration, Illinois Freedom Week Starts Today: Federal Court Blocks Enforcement of Illinois Assault Weapons Ban, Silencer Shop Extends Deadline for Tax-Free ATF Form 1 Submissions, https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/06/staff-writer/16-year-old-burglar-keeps-yelling-im-so-high-after-being-shot/, https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/panama-city-looter-shot-and-killed-while-trying-to-steal-a-police-car/. The black market pot is cheaper by miles. They offer a wide range of products, including different strains of marijuana, edibles, concentrates, and CBD products. By that reasoning, alcohol should also require a choice of intoxicant or firearm possession. So it says your foid will not be revoked but it fails to state how to answer question 11 on form 4473 when buying a new gun as the form specifies you cannot legally buy marijuana regardless if it is legal in that state. Additionally, certain ID scanning solutions can note preferences and purchase history for a customers next visit while identifying VIP customers for elevated service. Why do these idiot politicians keep getting reelected? Dan Eldridge is President of Federal Firearms Licensees of Illinois and owner ofMaxon Shooters Suppliesin Des Plaines, Illinois. Warning: The use or possession ofmarijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.. We have seen all kinds of misinformation spread about these subjects and how they relate to having a FOID card, so we want to clear things up as much as we can. Kasnomo 1 yr. ago. Funny, I dont have much sympathy for anti gun, anti Constitution big government progressives like yourself who support the War on the American People, AKA the war on drugs. The ISP later expanded further on what they meant by certain provisions in another Facebook post stating . All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. o Up to 2.5 grams of cannabis concentrate. This is also a good time to mention that you can only purchase for yourself. I reported several days ago. Best to avoid pot and registering guns if you like to get high. Now taking up a war of Civil Rights. https://nj1015.com/nj-gave-texas-church-gunman-plea-deal-that-wiped-out-gun-felony/. If you want to control your own reproductive system, then keep your damn pants zipped or your legs together until youre ready to assume the responsibility of bringing a new life into the world. o Up to 15 grams of cannabis flower. Now he calls him a occultist. Same thing goes with restricted funds for IDNR. The #1 excuse for the expansion of government power and the limiting of your rights for the last 50 years. Then, if that individual returns and is scanned by another device, the system can flag them for potential looping. styxhexenhammer666 on Youtube is a former Devil Worshiper. The degree to which you are off the wall on this is laughable. Theres issues with the border, issues with other countries where cannabis is extraordinarily illegal, Lloyd said, noting one of his former clients was turned away upon arrival in Japan due to a cannabis-related charge that had been withdrawn. And note that I said their own bodies. I know its a Libertarian fantasy that a fighter for Liberty is intoxicated. If you habitually purchase and use alcohol, how do you respond to Form 4473? Seizure of marijuana at the US border is down nearly 80% in the past ten years, and Federal prosecutions are also down, thanks to the legal market. One of the most important of these requirements is to verify the age and identity of their customers. They're required to make sure your ID matches who you are and verify that you're at least 21 years old. I cant see either party as pro liberty. The barcodes on the back verify the birthday, age, and expiration date. I cant imagine anyone wanting to use this mind-destroying drug so badly that theyd put themselves through the angst of trying to decipher if they can get away with it in their state despite federal law being what it is. If Leftists claim kids are adult enough to elect a president at 16 years old, then they are damn sure adult enough to carry concealed, I agree with you they are working on making it legal here in Fl. Prohibition way back was a *perfect* model for that. These are typically the core customer management systems you are using to run your business. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/06/staff-writer/16-year-old-burglar-keeps-yelling-im-so-high-after-being-shot/. So when it comes to the dispensaries, they are very strict about verified identifications. He said the company has taken several measures to protect customer data, including storing Canadian customer data on Canadian servers. Regardless of where they put the goal post. They may ask if you would like to create a profile, and that means your information will be stored for future purchases. from what it says above, looks like IL will feel free to not let you purchase another firearm. He or she then swipes your ID using a scanner to ensure it is genuine. I dont disagree with you. Marketing is part of why dispensaries track customer purchases. Absolutely none. Personal Responsibility is often forgotten by those people advocate for drug legalization. To protect consumers, Oregon has prohibited its marijuana retailers from keeping or sharing information about their customers' identities or purchases. Dont doubt it. WQAD. There is no free Speech in the USA. Others scan IDs to keep consumer data . This is certainly not clear cut though. This is just one more attempt of the Liberal Democrat anti-gunners trying to take away our guns. Illinois, for example, has different requirements for in-state and out-of-state residents. Im not in a popularity contest. You would think that it'd be treated like alcohol in that you could just look at the ID compared to the person and verify the age that way, but the fact of the matter is that cannabis is still very new. The validity of the ID and the age verification takes the human error out of it.. So your dispensary can be fined if you do not have a scanning device in place. The correct answer is no, Im not an unlawful or habitual user because you believe you are not. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These businesses are highly regulated and must adhere to strict guidelines to operate legally. Weed dispensaries are businesses that specialize in selling marijuana products to the public. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/06/staff-writer/16-year-old-burglar-keeps-yelling-im-so-high-after-being-shot/. So many ignorant people among us, they dont have a single word to say about alcohol or tobacco because those are legal and acceptable in our society. Dispensaries scan IDs to confirm their validity. As I said before as long as we can shoot drug users dead when they rob, rape, beak into our homes and businesses that is a great freedom to celebrate. Prior to legalization, some black market dispensaries also scanned customers IDs or stored their information. I just bought a knife on post-Christmas sale from Buck Knives, which is located there. We have discussed this before. Thx! The dispensary staff will then verify that the information on the ID matches the information provided by the customer. The Left Wing might be pro pot. Of course not. Ameri, a weed shop in Yorkville, said it mostly checks IDs manually but also has a scanning gun available to maintain compliance, catch fake IDs and lower human error.. Thanks for finally getting around to this story . M arijuana dispensaries are a wonderful thing. The rank hypocrisy of being a Leftist Make drugs legal for everyone, except gun owners. pretty soon theyll be littered all over the place. Illinois dispensaries are expected to sell dozens of different products at the beginning of recreational sales. Does Tennessee Allow Medical Marijuana Use? IDScan.net is the only ID scanning solution which can scan IDs to determine age and purchase limits and immediately flush data. A War on the 1st A. Taking a closer look at why dispensaries can IDs it's clear that identity verification is necessary, but it could cost customers their privacy. Can you say Big Brother surveillance state, kids? Our states marijuana laws do not supersede or suspend federal law. As it would be very detrimental to them as well as you. They downgraded his arrest charges and this allowed him to get a gun. Funny how you still want to blame them. your money, your time, and your freedom to behave peacefully. California is a Libertarian Liberal and Leftist utopia when it comes to open drug use. Knock. For this reason, dispensaries must have a way to track how much they are selling. btw According to a recent statement made by the Illinois State Police via their Facebook page,probablynot: The Illinois State Police will not revoke Firearms Owners Identification Cards based solely on a persons legal use of adult use cannabis. There is no federal database that stores your information when you show ID at a dispensary. ID scanners ensure that dispensaries stay compliant, preventing underage individuals from buying marijuana. It's a basic rule of thumb that the ID has to be current, and show your birthdate and photo. How many of you who believe marijuana is just as bad as alcohol or worse, also believe in Magic? Like most business owners, they do take the proper precautions to make sure your information is protected. ID scanning solutions can be paired with a simple badge printer to print badges with appropriate information after an ID is scanned. Might help. I cant believe people here voted for Pritzker. Liquor was ostensibly deregulated opened up to private sellers instead of state stores but the excise taxes are so high that theres no reason to buy in this state if you can get it anywhere else. All those ads we used to read in the back pages of the Ocweekly are long gone. Dispensaries can accept many, but not all, forms of identification. Any person convicted of a violation of the above statute will be guilty of a Class 4 felony. local news and culture. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This is the Illinois State Police here to collect your FOID Card and any firearms you have in your possession. Scanning IDs at the point-of-entry reduces wait times by automating check-in procedures and automatically aggregating customer information into forms. According to Illinois Law, as long as an ID was scanned and determined to be legitimate, neither the dispensary nor the budtender is legally responsible for underage sales. The Cannabis Compliance Board of the State of Nevada has approved the following ID scanner features and functions: Capable of reading state-issued identifications. They will vote against any pro gun person with a record of progun votes, but who is against legalization, just to get legal pot first., Sorry, Chris. By signing up, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy & to receive electronic communications from Vice Media Group, which may include marketing promotions, advertisements and sponsored content. reached $1.38 billion, doubling the total from 2020. Most times, when you walk in, you are asked to show your ID just like at a bar or a liquor /beer store. That right there is why there is a left wing. A personal goal of individual freedom essentially disappeared from the American political scene many decades ago. With a portable scanner synced to your large visitor management and CRM/POS system, your security team can simply pick up the scanner and start scanning IDs on-the-go. When a customer enters a weed dispensary, they are required to present a valid ID to the dispensary staff. . Just like the government will shoot people who violate its property. Make a one-time donation today for as little as $1. They will even play like they are just the innocent ones here, and its the big, bad, evil government doing the denial. Im so High! Witness the modern miracle of government databases and Interwebz snooping. Which has made the Black Market even more Lucrative. Although it isnt glamorous, age verification and fake ID detection has become a central part of the dispensary tech stack. You are indoctrinated at a very young age to believe in magic, your parents, friends, extended family, neighbors, etc. If your honest. Why, in the 21st century, where humanity has come so far in technology and science, do so many of us, regardless of ethnicity or cultural background, still continue to believe in things that obviously defy the laws of physics? Pot smokers have never, ever been pro gun. Howabout dont do drugs, keep yer guns. 38 states have legalized medical marijuana, and 19 states have legalized recreational marijuana. The staff will then scan the ID using a scanner or a mobile device. So long as they dont harm other people theres no actual issue here. It is this. if you say yes your purchase is denied and cannot complete the gun transfer. There are many misconceptions about why weed dispensaries scan customer IDs. But its not mandatory. Its one of the main roots with which the antis argue.. The black market for weed still exists in Commie land because they wanted to fleece growers with crippling taxes. Especially if theres a legal away to avoid doing so. I share this. Watch em criminalize not paying the weed tax next. And they are easily convinced that they can successfully impose their will upon you by voting for this demagogue or that charlatan. There are 110 dispensaries across the state of Illinois. (When I was in school there were studies linking it to lung &/or laryngeal cancer, but those studies soon disappeared). Some of you look down on people who smoke pot, grouping everyone who uses it into one demographic. If they resist your attempts to detain them with violence then you may use violence in return. The possession limit for Illinois residents is 30 grams of cannabis flower; 5 grams of cannabis concentrate; and no more than 500 milligrams of THC contained in a cannabis-infused product. Most dispensaries have waiting areas for customers after they present their ID . Colorado House Passes Mushroom Legalization Bill. There havent been any medical marijuana cards or doctors or databases since the beginning of 2016. Ask a Stoner: Are Magic Mushrooms Edibles Hard to Make. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. With our dispensary ID scanning solutions, every ID scan is instantly sent into the visitor management system or POS system. Per the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, it is illegal to transport cannabis or cannabis products across state lines. Since cannabis retailers are also top targets for criminals, a dispensary that scans IDs and has ID scanning technology at the entrance is going to be a much less attractive target, as the potential thief or fraudster knows they will have to present identity documentation to get inside. That does not mean I shoot every gun I buy. I would not feel comfortable going to the range knowing that someone under the influence was there with a firearm as well. The WoD is one of the biggest threats to the 2A. Hes no good, but I need to retract my statement. There are plenty of stories of people intoxicated firing guns into the air on New Years Day and every other day of the year. By Magic, i mean a Magical superhuman being with Magical powers, basically doing the equivalent of waving his magic wand and saying hocus pocus, and making the earth appear out of nowhere. I think most scan ID as a holdover from the medical-only era and as a way of tracking customer loyalty. Those people will be very sober when the balloon goes up. I thought you couldnt use deadly force to protect private property pot farms???. Its where you shoot someone that doesnt present a credible and immediate threat of death or grave bodily harm to anyone that the issue arises because without the threat you dont have a justification to pull the trigger. Unless they are removed from not only power but, society as a whole. Nobody will know. I only went 4 times to try oils and got them but did not use them. The Hunny Pot on Torontos Queen Street West told VICE it is scanning IDs to alleviate wait times, but that it is optional and customers are made aware that they can have their ID verified manually. If you feel there is anything shady going on, say no! The most common explanations we've heard from dispensaries is that they hold on to IDs to verify that they're real and to ensure that no one goes over their daily ounce limit but I've also. NAPLES, Fla. Fox 4 has some interesting video, going undercover to videotape a 76-year-old man attempting to buy cigarettes at his local Walgreens. Theres still the wet tea leaves drug raid wending its way through the courts. If theyre shooting someone whos solely stealing some of their crop and nothing else then thats not acceptable. In spite of the breakup with my last ex-GF, I did manage to keep my testicular organs intact and would never risk them to some drug that smells like shit and only gives me headaches when I am surrounded be Millennials enamored with it at Art Basel events. Marijuana remains a federal disqualifier, and since the ISP knows who has a medical marijuana license, they will not approve a background check for such holders, effectively preventing us from selling firearms to medical marijuana card holders. Its what you find in black markets and failed states. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/09/19/california-attorney-general-we-take-guns-criminals-editorials-debates/1362407002/, Haz, I read the article, and it doesnt say he wont grab em if he has the opportunity. But I also retain the right to fire you if youre my employee and you report to work baked or drunk. As previously mentioned, weed dispensaries are highly regulated, and they must comply with a variety of legal requirements. Last week licensed producer Aphria notified patients that fraudulent Aphria websites are being created in an attempt to access patient information. There just isnt. thanks, john. We work with dispensaries both large and small on a daily basis to help them implement ID scanning strategies that will improve the customer experience, keep them in compliance with state laws, and help them avoid costly fines. I can save 40% by taking a short drive to Idaho. But thats okay: theyll just just the instant check information to compile a list from the dealers who made those call-ins for those gun owners whom they want a list. Over time the free market has reduced the price between legal and black market to not much more than the state taxes. But to play judge, jury and executioner by yourself when they have threatened no one in the immediate is unacceptable behavior. So you are saying there is no moral or philosophical underpinning to shoot Looters correct?. So the State of CA openly encourages marijuana because its a new tax revenue stream. Cannabis lawyer Jack Lloyd told VICE theres reason to be concerned about potential privacy breaches. In this world there are far scarier things than public drug use. It is what is sounds like it might be: SWAT raid on a home based on wet tea leaves found in the trash. Lol. It has become their playbook. Some people believe that it is done to track their location or to collect data about their purchases. You do know that those pot taxe laws were all written by california Libertarians Liberals and Leftists correct? Recreational marijuanais now legal in Illinois, andmedical cannabishas been legal since 2013. Illinois has one of the most stringent PII retention requirements in the nation and requires that PII immediately be flushed post scan. Its why we have 2 anti freedom parties. Drugs in public scares some people so its a great way to carry an anti-freedom message. The choice is always yours to have a profile or not. In November, Ontario Cannabis Store, the provinces online recreational retailer, said the data of 4,500 customersincluding the names of people who signed for deliverieswas accessed during a breach via Canada Post. Have a buddy buy it for you. Theyre undesirable to be sure and theres nothing wrong with detaining them if you are able. Thanks but no thanks! Is there a certain reason they cant just look at it for proof of age similar to alcohol services? The fact that the government behaves badly isnt an excuse for you to do the same. I assume you and I will just have to disagree on this. The penalties for selling cannabis to a minor even once are steep. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Not private property were people lived. The Missouri National Guard was sent to only protect empty government buildings during the Ferguson riots. (A consultant for Ameri told VICE all information the store scans is erased immediately.). Enjoy, and have some fun! All of the data is highly encrypted, Cohen added. hawkchurch resort and spa site map, stevenson funeral home dickinson, nd obituaries, how to empty internal tank on robinair,
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