I love Duel Monsters as much as she does!, Atriums says in reply, I'm not sure how to answer that Mina. Tiger Catapult, attack! Soon after, his VW Tiger Catapult launches an attack on Mina's Valkyria, destroying it, and taking 400 of her-points with it. All alone Serena, a 14, year old high school girl, slowly walked home. What is it's power?" One of my most popular shorts and an excuse to make Darien get on his knees. That wasn't nice!, Mina says, in a bit of taunting tone, I guess that Blair isn't so mature as she thinks she is.. Serena tells Jaden, Thanks. Soon after, an image of the prince known as Prince Judai appears behind him, through only Serena sees it. These are the reasons that they can see Duel Spirits like Jaden can and you can't., Sailor Jupiter states, excitedly, That's right! If not for Jendra, Jennifer Wand would be the Queen of Sailor Moon fanfiction. Blair then says, This trap costs me one thousand life-points, but it will allow me to summon any level four or below monster from my deck whenever one of my monsters are destroyed. Blair goes through her deck, takes out one card, puts her deck back into her duel disk, slaps the card on the duel disk, and calls out, Now, I call my Kaiser Sea Horse to the field! After that, Kaiser Sea Horse (1750/1600) appears on the field in attack mode to replace the destroyed White Love Maiden. Serena tells Blair, I challenge you to a duel, Blair! And do not worry about my parents. I was so excited that I didn't ask him who I would duel and when I took his hand to shake it, everything went . I was merely a pawn of destiny's power., Chazz asks Sartorius, Master Sartorius, why did you bring her in?, Blair tells Chazz, Master Sartorius desires for me to duel Jaden and bring him into the light., Chazz asks Sartorius, Master Sartorius, why are sending this . as Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom., Mindy says, awe-struck, She's so beautiful., Tyranno says, just as amazed, Sam hill! Ami isn't into boys! Esta es una historia de Serena y Darin I will meet in Duel Academy later., Tea tells Atem, Atem? When Atem looks towards Tea, he sees her eyes were beginning to water and she says, happily, I can't wait to see you, again, Atem.. Phoenix, destroy her Venus with White Flare Assault! Blair's monster launches a wave of white flame energy and Elemental Hero Star Venus screams as she is destroyed, reducing Serena's life-points by 600. . When it is destroyed, once per turn, it can automatically revive itself! Soon after, the ashes of the destroyed monster rise up, reform, and White Light Phoenix (3000/2000) returns to the field in attack mode. Missy then says, not impressed, So, what? "I just do. she asked. Now, I activate Pinch Hopper's special effect and summon Insect Queen to the field! Soon after, Insect Queen (2200/2400) comes to the field in attack mode. Light and darkness are the two main elements of life, itself, and when one dies, the other will die with it. I really didn't need it, but it was pretty awesome just to hold it., Atem takes back Slifer the Sky Dragon and says, I knew that you could use it, Jaden. She nearly defeated Jaden once before., Sartorius tells Chazz, I understand your doubt, Chazz. Plus, believe it or not, I get this weird feeling that all of us met him before., Serena tells Rei, surprised, You, too? I knew then and there, he would be my successor to the King of Games, but I didn't know that Jaden had any special powers., Atem tells Yugi and Tea, Jaden is more special than you know, Yugi. Tuxedo Mask's energy returned back to normal. And I have rumors of her guardians, but none of us have ever seen.. Plus, even through our two kingdoms and our alliances have been allies for many years, we have never seen each other . THIS IS YET ANOTHER FIC I WROTE A FEW YEARS AGO. But when Mamoru realizes he likes Usagi, she comes What if Usagi found out she was Sailor Moon after she and Mamoru already started dating? the, Joey tells Yugi, Something tells me that they know, Yug'., Amara asks Yugi, demanding tone in her voice, How do you know about that?, Tea replies, A friend told us about it and he told us to say when you asked about how we know. How did Yugi find out? On the meanwhile, Blair asks Sartorius, who has just `confronted' her, Yes, what do you want?, Sartorius tells Blair, Hello, my name is Sartorius. She looked one year older than she truly is., Tyranno then says, in a serious tone, Then he must have done to her what they did to your friend., Blair says, in a cold tone and sly grin, Yes, Master Sartorius used his powers to give me this new body and enter Duel Academy. By now Serena was completely in tears. Soon enough, energy begins to send energy into the sphere causing a figure to appear inside of the sphere. So, I'm dismissing your face-down card! Another huge wind blows, but this time, Missy's face-down card is destroyed. I command you too. One is the possession of Jaden Yuki and it is known as a Shadow Charm., Atem nods his head and replies, Yes, it is. Four gasps was heard as Tuxedo Mask de transformed into Darien Shields. The Sailor Senshi decided to reveal themselves to Blair, only because they needed to figure if Sartorius' power over her is gone and his `aging effect' is only temporary. Mergers. You are a real doll! However, you are in your `astral form' or `dream form' while your body peacefully slumbers back on Earth., Princess Serenity asks her mother, Why did you need to talk to me, mother?, Queen Serenity replies, in a plain tone, You already know, Serenity. Jaden Yuki will give you the story as soon you meet with him, but you will need something else. . Within the limits of Domino City, we find a familiar white limo driving down the streets of Domino City and when we look inside, we find none other than the leader of the Society of Light, Sartorius looking outside of his window as he takes a bit of wine from a wine cup. !, Serena replies, with a smile, Simple. Now, all soldiers on the field in attack mode switch to defense mode! Insect Princess and Dark Driceratops are switched to defense mode. Works and bookmarks tagged with Serena/Darien will show up in Chiba Mamoru/Tsukino Usagi's filter. Jedite seeing how his plan had some how failed decided to take the crystal by force. Serena puts her hand on her deck and then Ishtar, the Neo-Spacian Celestial Phoenix, calls out in her mind, Serena nods her head and calls out, Now, I reveal my face-down! Plus, First Kiss gives the ending to Treed that I always wished it had been given by Takeuchi-sensei. {Oh no they're not going to make it in time! . Sartorius says, his eyes widening, The cards speak. Please read and review and tell me what you think! Look at Serena's back!" PLEASE BE GENTLE. Serena puts the card on her duel disk and exclaims, Meet my Elemental Hero Cosmic Venus in attack mode! Soon after, a hologram of monster that looks similar to Sailor Venus appears in front of Serena. My fiance.] Queen Sol tells Queen Serenity, Next, I would like to introduce my beautiful and strong-willed daughter, Princess Arinna of the Sun Kingdom., Princess Arinna opens her eyes, revealing her beautiful brown eyes, does a curtsy in front of Queen Serenity, and says, in a similar voice to Alexis Rhodes' voice, through a bit more mature and woman-like, It is an honor to meet you, Queen Serenity. If you have a good Serena and Darien fanfic send me a PM. This brand new monster, Elemental Hero Celestial Neos, is a ten star monster with 2500/2000 stats. He snapped his fingers positioning Serena to where her back was exposed to him. "Why you little." Serena asks, confused, What's happening to my Thunder Giant?. But I fear I may be too late. You have to high-tail it out of there before you end up like Alexis. Rebecca says to Mina, Wow. Only you can weld the same powers as Jaden can and aid him in his mission to stop the destruction of the universe. . Tuxedo Mask looked doubtful but did as he was told none the less. A soul as pure as Jaden Yuki's soul is . Sartorius tells Chazz and Alexis, Very interesting., Chazz tells Sartorius, Master Sartorius, why did you send her? Judai asks Serenity, Looking over Earth, again?, Serenity tells Judai, with a smile, Yes, it can very beautiful. However, he has become a multi-billionaire and through still unmarried, he has many marriage proposals `on his belt' as you can say. Tyranno says, annoyed, Oh, great. Serena just turned her head to the side defiantly. His duels are well-known throughout the whole world! Remember that transfer student to Duel Academy last year that was an elementary school girl?, Jaden and Syrus gasp in shock and Jaden exclaims, stunned, Blair?! Until we figure out a way to stop Sartorius, you aren't safe there., Bastion tells the two girls, Plus, you had better get Atticus out of there, too. . Then as if by magic the crystal was restored. Plus, the gang sees that she is a level seven monster with stats of 2400/1800! . He said with a voice cold like ice. Insect Princess! Soon after, Insect Princess (1900/1200) appears on the field in attack mode and Missy says, Since I know that I'm going to win, you should know that my Insect Princess gains five hundred attack points for every insect monster that she crushes., Tyranno tells Missy, Do you have pollen in your brains, ma'am? We find that Jaden has his `old' Shadow Charm hanging around his neck. Mercury what's going on here?" And I knew that I was right., Joey tells Yugi, looking at Jaden, So, this is the kid that you met around a year ago, Yug'. The big guy that held Serena started squeezing her really hard. It is time to get a dinosaur back in my platoon! Archaeopteryx glows in a bright light as it sent into the graveyard, Tyranno puts a card on his duel disk, and exclaims, Black Tyranno, attention! To replace Archaeopteryx, Black Tyranno (2600/1800) is summoned to the field in attack mode. And this power is even greater and more powerful than the dark powers of the Orichalcos itself and has been around a lot longer., Yugi and Tea gasp in shock and Tea asks, perplexed, How are we supposed to fight against that?, Atem tells Tea in reply, There are already people on Duel Academy fighting against this evil and this evil has the same ability as Millennium Necklace, which is the power to see into the future. my Neo-Spacian Celestial Phoenix!. Just then Serena hears Ishtar's, the Neo-Spacian Celestial Phoenix's, voice from her dueling deck say in her mind, Lita asks Serena, Serena, what are you doing?, Serena activates her duel disk, it displays 4000 life-points, and says, The only one to get through to Jaden's friend is the way that he freed Ami. No, I don't. It is only a matter of time, Sailor Moon. Sartorius gives a wide evil grin and snickers in a evil fashion. This card allows me to draw cards from my deck for every single face-up spell, trap, and monster card on your side of the field! I thought that light could only be used for good, not evil., Atem shakes his head and replies, No, Tea. Can't you come with something original?!. A Wattpad "Official Fanfic!" Mamoru feels lonely around Christmas and Motoki suggests he gets a girlfriend. Since Sartorius aged Blair a total of five years to turn her into a fifteen year old version of herself, her `aging processes', the body's `ability' to `mature' and `growth rate', were `slowed down', so, Blair, now, only ages one-fifth as fast as `regular' humans do. Darien's View First Kiss: A Sailor . Duel! both duelists shout out in unison. Just don't go back to the Blue barracks! Dark Magician Girl! Soon after, Dark Magician Girl (2000/1700) appears on the field in attack mode! The point is: We came because we believed that someone is endangering the world's safety and is using Duel Monsters to do it. I can call them and tell them all about this, so, there is no confusion about where you are. Just then a familiar female voice calls out to our Moon Princess, That's right, my daughter. When Princess Serenity turns to the source of the voice, she sees her Lunarian mother, Queen Serenity, walking up to her. There had been a time when Serena had came home to the smell of liquor and to sounds of moaning. The portal begin to shrink. -palabras salvadoreas He did the same to Tuxedo Mask only his table was wooden. Venus, blast that overgrown doll with Love and Beauty Shock! Elemental Hero Star Venus then performs Super Sailor Venus' special attack through her energy hearts were sparkling ruby red in color. Wait here until I return.. Missy draws one card from her deck and says, angrily, You will pay for that! Missy puts the card into the spell/trap slots and exclaims, Now, I play my Card of Sanctity! She doesn't have what it takes. Serena using the last of her energy broke the bonds that held Tuxedo Mask. . . . When she is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, I can reduce damage from one of your attacks to zero . {Should I wait for the other scouts or should I follow them?} A low pain filled groan came from the large mass. Queen Serenity tells Princess Arinna, It is an honor to meet you, too. Alexis says, in a low tone, What was that dream? Tyranno puts one card into the spell/trap slots of his duel disk and states, Now, I place one card on the field and it's your move!. I knew that the world and even more could be in grave danger from Sartorius and this `Society of Light'. Atticus is staying within his room inside of the `White Dorm' and avoiding any duels with `White Students' at all costs., Jaden tells the two girls, Well, it is for the best that you get him out of there. The records that Alexis showed me told me so. Jaden Yuki, your next battle is to come . Blair tells the five girls, I really want to thank you for saving me from that jerk. I will help you. ! Tyranno's eyes turn into dino-like slits once more and he exclaims, pointing at Insect Princess, Fire! Super Conductor Tyranno fires a beam of energy from his mouth, destroys Insect Princess nearly instantly, and costing Missy exactly 1400 life-points, brings her life-points down to zero. "Hey what is this?" . Sure! Blair and Sartorius then head in the direction for Sartorius' car while Yugi Moto looks on with intense look similar to Atem's stare on his expression. However, she would also give anything to protect the love she has for Tuxedo Mask, including nearly risking her life for him. Darien asked. in public and formal matter. . Soon after, Sartorius gives a wide evil grin at this and returns the cards to his pile of cards, beginning to organize them into a pile, once more. she asked. he bellowed. Bastion looks intensely at Yugi and his friends and thinks. "You may have killed me but without her body Sailor Moon's spirit can't be reincarnated." . pleaded Serenity. I heard that he was a profession dueling manager for duelists like Aster Phoenix, but now, I'm starting to hear rumors about him running a powerful organization as well as rumors that these students were brainwashed by this man. Just then Yugi spots Blair Flannigan and Sartorius near the center of the square. That's one very powerful soldier!, Syrus says, also confused, Hassleberry's right! He is the warrior in the ancient prophecies of the Neo-Spacians that we have in the Moon Kingdom. Tea exclaims, in a serious tone, Come on, everyone! That monster is the same Attribute as the legendary God Cards!, Serena tells Blair, with a sly smirk, However, Phoenix's special ability allows it to be counted as all of the other Attributes: Light, Darkness, Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth., Bastion says, in his logical tone, That is one powerful special ability., Ami nods her head in agreement and says, That's right. Serena calls out, But I'm not done, yet. As you already know, like your kingdom, we are one kingdom of group of thirteen kingdoms known as the Golden Alliance. That was awesome!, Mina gives a `V' sign for her right hand and exclaims, That's Lita!. Then Serena got an idea. When my cute Dark Magician Girl is on the field, I can summon one big Dark Magician from my deck! Mina goes through her deck, takes out one card, puts it onto her duel disk, and Dark Magician (2500/2100) similar to Yugi Moto's Dark Magician, expect it has dark blue skin and dark blue uniform, comes to the field in attack mode. Serenity tells Judai, with a smile, Okay, you are my brother, after all. Soon after, Flame Wingman vanishes and Judai goes over to Serenity. Yugi moves closer in a slow and careful fashion to make sure that he isn't noticed by either of them or someone will recognize him and gave him away to those two. My Princess Tokens! Soon after, two holograms of beings that look exactly like Princess Serenity appear on the field in defense mode. I reveal my Soul Rope trap! Blair's face-down card is revealed to be the trap card known as Soul Rope. And with that dinosaur bone inside of his leg fusing dinosaur DNA with his human DNA, creating some kind of force that makes him immune from Sartorius' evil power, he is the best duelist to face Missy right now., Syrus tells Tyranno, Good luck, Hassleberry., Tyranno tells Syrus, No worries, there, private. Sailor Venus bent down and picked up a piece of black cloth. Amara looks to where Mindy and Jasmine are and exclaims, We're not alone! We have exactly two minutes to get out. Missy then says, Now, all level four or below Insect monsters on my side can be transferred to your side. Jaden tells Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird, mentally, Serena tells Blair, This Neo-Spacian is a very rare monster and powerful for a few reasons. Jaden asks Serena, What's up, Serena?, Serena tells Jaden, happily, Well, Mina won her fifth victory in a row!, Jaden tells Mina, That's so sweet, Mina! However, we need somewhere filled with mystical and supernatural powers and those connected him to this modern day because the power of that `place' and the `bond' with those that care about him are vital elements of what we need to bring the former Pharaoh back to life., Jaden asks, nervously, Um, do you come with a translation?, Bastion tells Jaden, I will try to explain it later. On the meanwhile, Prince Judai, Princess Serenity, and all of the Moon Kingdom Sailor Senshi are waiting on the right side of the Moon Queen. Mina `swims' over to Blair and says, tauntingly, Since you are already so mature for your age, maybe you should start `flaunting' your `stuff'. Mina then pinches Blair's right breast nipple and she gives a loud `winch' in pain. Blair then says, Now, it is time for her special ability., Syrus says, worriedly, Uh oh. But I don't remember if Hotaru, I, or both of us told him about us or not., Mina tells Ami, Hey, Ami, don't sweat it! Remember, based on what you have been told by this `Atem' character, Jaden, Yugi and his friends have experience fighting the forces of evil.. asked Sailor Mars. Her male opponent shouts out, as he draws a card into his hand, You did good, Mina, but I'm going to get that date!, Mina tells her opponent, You are going to have to get me to lose, first, big boy!. Inside the alley a frightened Serena was being held by the bigger of the two men. To answer your question: You did have a sibling. We would be honored to take upon your offer to get a deeper understand of your kingdom and your kingdom with ours., Queen Sol bows in front of Queen Serenity and tells her, No, your majesty, the honor is all ours. Queen Sol then motions for her daughter to come forward and she does so without looking up. [Do not be sad for me Tuxedo Mask.] Where am I? Blair then looks down at herself and she asks, pretty surprised, Ack! Hopefully, with the help of my friends, we can find out what's going on and stop this `Society of Light'. when Atem left our lives., Yugi tells Tea, I miss him, too, Tea. Well it will all be over soon enough by dear Sailor Moon." The cards predicted defeat for her against Blair, but instead . Use this power wisely, my daughter., Princess Serenity tells Queen Serenity, Mother, before I go, I need to ask: Did I have any siblings during the Silver Millennium?, Queen Serenity takes a deep breath and says, in a plain tone, I see that your memories are returning to you. Duke Devlin and his Dungeon Dice Monsters have become nearly as popular as Duel Monsters, but not becoming the world's top sport. amanita gemmata trip report,
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